Small update to iFlash, 2.9.1, released

Loopware — Tags: , — Davey @ February 14, 2014

iFlash 2.9.1 has been posted! The App Store version should be available immediately, and non-App-Store-ers can go get it now. You can read the change log here, if you’re so inclined.

Next up: iFlash Touch :).


Update: iFlash 2.9.2 has been released to fix an issue users of OS X 10.8 were seeing.

iFlash 2.9 is ready

Loopware — Tags: , — Davey @ January 29, 2014

iFlash 2.9 (surprise! it’s not actually 2.8.3!) has been approved by the App Store. You should see the update in your App Store shortly.

Get iFlash 2.9 from the App Store. Also, view release notes for iFlash 2.9, if that’s your thing.

The non-App Store version of iFlash has also been updated and is available immediately for all users who bought iFlash directly from Loopware.



iFlash is in the Mac App Store!

Loopware — Tags: , — Davey @ February 8, 2011

iFlash has just been approved in the Mac App Store! You can get it now by visiting this link:

It’s on sale for $6.99, but only for the next week.

More news to come soon :).

- Davey

Loopware State of the Union

Loopware — Tags: , , — Davey @ January 9, 2011

I liked Panic’s State of the Union blog post, and thought I should do the same :).

It’s been way too long since I last posted here, and I apologize for that. I keep saying this over and over again, but I think it bears repeating: I’m (still) a full-time college student, and honestly have had no time to work on iFlash beyond responding to customer emails.

That being said, I’ve been busy the past few weeks and have started on some much-needed updates.

iFlash in the Mac App Store

iFlash 2.8.2 has been submitted to the Mac App Store! It’ll be the same price as it is now, and should be available from there soon. 2.8.2 is available now if you already use iFlash and has a few nice bug fixes, so go ahead and update!

The Mac App Store is an amazing way to get software, and I can’t wait to finally be rid of PayPal. Don’t worry if you have a non-App Store copy of iFlash though, as I’ll be providing updates to both (unlike some other developers).

iFlash Touch

I’m actively working on iFlash Touch 1.5 now, which will have full iOS 4 support, Retina icons, score and simple memorization support, as well as some other fun changes. iFlash Touch will remain completely free, but will continue to require iFlash for Mac.

I’ll be recruiting beta testers soon (within a few weeks), so keep an eye out on both this blog and my Twitter account if you’re interested. Here’s a screen shot to whet your appetite :).

Thanks everyone for your patience. I hope you enjoy the upcoming releases.

- Davey

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